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Ryan Young


Ryan Young


Ryan Young Leading the 'New Wave' of Traditional Scottish Fiddlers

Ryan Young is a traditional fiddle player from Scotland bringing fresh and inventive ideas to traditional Scottish music. Ryan Young's traditional Scottish fiddle playing will take you on an emotional journey and lift your spirits. Ryan plays mostly traditional Scottish tunes which he brings to life with his 'spellbinding' interpretations on his fiddle.

Ryan graduated with a Master of Music degree from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and he is drawing international attention. Boston-based music producer Jesse Lewis has produced and recorded (in Scotland) Ryan's debut album of traditional tunes. The album was released in 2017 (and a follow up is being recorded) and you can purchase it by contacting Ryan. This collaboration places Ryan among a list of world-class musicians who have worked with Jesse, including The Silk Road Ensemble, Yo-Yo Ma, Bela Fleck, Jan Vogler and Brooklyn Rider. This is probably the first UK Traditional album to be recorded in high resolution DSD audio.

'....a force of nature” ***** (5 STARS)' - The Scotsman

'....I have known Ryan for many years and have watched his steady progress from student to accomplished fiddle player. He has created his own unique way of playing and is finding great emotional depth in his native Scottish Music. Ryan Young is an up and coming musician who is gaining more and more well deserved recognition. I feel that he has the potential to make a very significant contribution to the Scottish tradition' - Martin Hayes

'....Being a fiddler myself I have heard many, many up and coming fiddlers from Scotland, but I am blown away by this singular musician Ryan, I feel, is a musician with a great gift. He has followed down a path that is his alone with the music. His playing is unique and soulful. I’ve heard him in concert and can only liken the experience to being lifted and taken on a journey. His playing is at once moving and thrilling, and he sweeps the audience along with him.' - Liz Caroll

‘Young’s playing is so richly expressive, channelling such deep emotion, that it feels like a dramatic performance in a theatre ...one feels that here we have a potential heir to Duncan Chisholm for sheer emotional intensity. It’s a remarkably mature debut album from one so young' – Paul Matheson, Folk Roots

‘.....the man makes the fiddle articulate the widest range of emotions and illustrations – and listening to him play you realise he is surely in possession of a magnificent gift' – FolkWords

‘.....leading the ‘New Wave’ of traditional Scottish fiddlers, virtuoso Ryan Young' – BBC World on 3

‘.....Nuance, wit, risk-taking, contrast and above all a real sense of joy in making music were all there in abundance and Young’s solo feature, where he appeared to have been truly possessed by the melodies, was as exciting as it was uplifting' – Rob Adams, The Herald

‘.....Uniquely graceful and expressive playing. A future star of the Scottish fiddle world' – Aidan O’Rourke (Lau)

‘.....His self-titled debut album simply brims over with originality and talent' – www.folking.com

‘.....the wonderful sound just takes flight, soars and swoops' – Folk Wales Magazine

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